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Uprights Stands with Keyhole tracking

Upright Stands are perfect for Oxers or Stand alone.

Upright made from 40 x 40 Galvanised SHS.

Legs 50 x 50 Galvanised SHS

1550 high

1 pair Stands with 1.43m keyhole track $175
(cups extra)

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Cavaletti Stands

Cavaletties are an excellent training aid.

Made from 50 x 50 SHS galvanised steel.

Cavaletti heights: 25cm, 38cm & 48cm

One pair of stands $95.00

Cavaletti stands come with accessories needed to attach pole.

(Please note poles are not included)

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44 Drum Attachables

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44 Drum Attachables

Made from 35 x 35 galvanised steel.



1 pair Attachables with 1.43 Gal Steel keyhole track and 4 nylon cups $135.00

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Water Tray

Water Tray

3 meters long x 1 meter wide

(Pictured with Arch Powder Coated Aluminium Wings)

Water Tray  $295.00

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Tracking and Cups

Track and vario

Plastic Keyhole Tracking

Keyhole track made from shock resistant, fibre glass reinforced break proof plastic. Keyhole track comes in 500mm lengths which interlock with each other (discontinued/unavailable)

$10.00 each

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Galvanised Steel Keyhole Tracking

1.43m x 40mm $27.50 each

1.53m x 50mm $28.50 each

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Vario cup

Nylon Vario Cups

These competition cups are reversible and can be used for poles as well as gates/planks

$12.00 each

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Safety Cup (FEI Approved)

Safety Cup (FEI approved) made from break proof, fibre glass reinforced plastic. Has integrated metal spring adaptor designed to release automatically under a pressure of 140kg


German Breakaway Safety cups

$55.00 each

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